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Jill Biden Accused Of Racism Again

We’ve grown accustomed to Joe Biden’s “senior moments” that tend to embarrass the country. For example, last year the president began wandering around asking where a dead congresswoman was, much to the chagrin of his supporters. 

It is apparently First Lady Jill Biden’s turn to step in it, leaving some to accuse her of more racism. Apparently the First Lady thinks that if a predominantly white basketball team loses to a predominantly black basketball team in the national championship, they should get to visit the White House too.

Over at Newsweek, Davario Morrow explained, “For several days, the nation has been engulfed in yet another racial controversy, this time due to the budding rivalry between the predominately Black LSU women’s college basketball team and the predominantly white Iowa team. LSU defeated Iowa in the NCAA National Championship game. The stars, LSU’s Angel Reese, a Black woman, and Iowa’s Caitlin Clark, a white woman, have become proxies for the larger battle in this country between Black and white, such as it exists. And First Lady Dr. Jill Biden just poured gasoline on the fire.

The racially tinged controversy started over what happened after Reese deployed WWE superstar John Cena’s “you can’t see me” taunt on the court. The taunt sparked a backlash, with many calling it disrespectful, rude and unsportsmanlike. Yet as many fans were quick to point out, Clark herself had used the very same taunt recently, and far from called out for it, she seen as entertaining and competitive, even scoring John Cena’s stamp of approval.

The double standard was called out by many as another example of Black women being excoriated for the same behavior that their white counterparts are praised for.

Yet with all of this raging in the background, Dr. Biden, who was in attendance at the championship game, made things worse.

Dr. Biden suggested that both LSU and Iowa should be invited to the White House, breaking with decades of tradition that says that only the winner of a national championship gets the honor of a White House invite.”

Jill Biden’s faux pas has had immediate ramifications and has embarrassed the White House, despite the First Lady’s apology.

The Hill writes, “Louisiana State University (LSU) star forward Angel Reese called out Jill Biden’s “apology” after the first lady initially suggested that the Iowa Hawkeyes, the runner-ups of the NCAA Division I women’s basketball national championship game, should also get a White House visit.

‘If we were to lose, we would not be getting invited to the White House,’ Reese said. ‘I remember she made a comment about both teams should be invited because it’s sportsmanship. And I’m like, ‘Are you saying that stuff because of what I did?’ Stuff like that, it bothers me,’ Resse said during an appearance on the I Am Athlete’s ‘Paper Route’ podcast published Tuesday. 

‘You are a woman at the end of the day, and you’re supposed to be standing behind us before anything.’ 

‘I don’t accept the (apology). I said what I said. You can’t go back on certain things that you say. I mean, you felt like they should’ve came because of sportsmanship, right? They can have that spotlight,’ Reese added. ‘We’ll go to the Obamas. We’ll see Michelle.'”

This wasn’t the first time that the national champs rejected Jill Biden. The New York Post reported, “The Lady Tigers apparently weren’t interested in a pep talk from First Lady Jill Biden before the NCAA championship game on Sunday.

LSU star forward Angel Reese — who called the First Lady’s invitation for Iowa to visit the White House a “joke” — said the team declined to meet with her prior to defeating the Hawkeyes 102-85 in Dallas.

‘Apparently she was supposed to come to our locker room before the game but we said ‘no,’ Reese said.” She added that the team did not directly speak with the First Lady.

In July 2022, Jill Biden was accused of racism after she compared Hispanic people to tacos while taking a trip to San Antonio. The Texas Tribune noted that the First Lady was forced to apologize after saying, ““The diversity of this community — as distinct as the bodegas of the Bronx, as beautiful as the blossoms of Miami and as unique as the breakfast tacos here in San Antonio — is your strength.” 

The National Association of Hispanic Journalists said in a statement that Biden’s comment demonstrated “a lack of cultural knowledge and sensitivity to the diversity of Latinos in the region.”

“We are not tacos,” the statement said. 

It sounds like Jill Biden needs to go to sensitivity training.

This article originally appeared on New Conservative Post. Used with Permission.

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