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Former Federal Prosecutor Suggests Its Time To Impeach After Even More Bidens Took Foreign Money

The number of Bidens in on the racket is up to nine, but the chairman believes it could reach a dozen. 

House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer joined Fox News earlier in the week and said that up to 12 members of President Biden’s family are involved in “laundering” money from foreign countries that he said amounts to “influence peddling,” on FNC’s “Sunday Morning Futures.”

‘Right now we have nine, but I believe in the end that number will be at least twelve,” Comer said. “People say they were involved in ventures around the world. I haven’t found a legitimate business on the Biden end. I found legitimate businesses that were paying the LLC and turning around and laundering money back to the Bidens.’

‘It looks like if there was a legitimate business in any of these LLCs, it was influence peddling.’

‘If you want to get to a legal term, that’s called being a foreign agent,’ Comer said.”

The revelation has caused former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy to say he has seen enough. He believes that the recent revelations that the entire Biden family has been receiving funds from foreign governments is enough to “disqualify” Joe Biden from the presidency. 

McCarthy wants the the other McCarthy, the Speaker of the House, to impeach.

He writes in The New York Post, “Comer suggests that the only rational explanation for [donations from foreign regimes to Biden family members] is that foreign regimes, including such hostile ones as Communist China, were buying Biden’s political influence.

This would be shocking if proved.

When the Framers gave Congress the power to remove a president from office by inserting impeachment clauses in the Constitution, nothing more animated them than fear of foreign corruption. A president whose influence and authority had been purchased through shady foreign deals, and who could thus be expected to subordinate American interests to those of anti-American powers, could profoundly damage the United States.”

McCarthy is hardly a firebrand. The former federal prosecutor is a writer for The National Review and is often seen as a moderate, establishment Republican. 

He explains that “there is a lot more than mere potential to be worried about. They undeniably reaped millions of dollars, mainly through obscure entities patently set up to make the transfers hard to trace, apparently without providing discernible value in goods or services to justify the breadth of the payments.

It looks like sheer influence peddling. We are entitled to presume that it is unless and until an (unlikely) innocent explanation is posited.”

He also argues that as a congressional investigation, the presumption of innocence goes away. What needs to be determined is whether or not the president has been compromised. 

The former prosecutor concludes, “If he and his family cashed in on his political influence, particularly with hostile foreign powers, and if they covered their tracks with labyrinthine money trails and false accusations of “Russian disinformation,” we’re entitled to presume they did so to the detriment of the nation.”

Conservative blogger Ace of Spades has explained how the Biden money network appears to work, writing, “There is a very old and very stupid method that corrupt families use to hide ill-gotten money. The main criminal just doesn’t keep any of the money (or property bought with it) in his own name. He “gives” it all to his family members. The government can’t attempt to recover the money or property from Aunt Bertha because Aunt Bertha committed no crimes. (At least, they’d have to prove the transaction was a straw transaction.)

But of course the criminal still really owns all the money and property, and can call it in from his family members when he needs it.

Biden can’t take foreign money. Not without invoking the Foreign Agent Registration Act and not without having to declare it as income. If he took foreign money openly, he would have two choices. He could either register as a foreign agent, effectively killing his political career and thus his ability to collect foreign money in the first place, or he could illegally ignore his duty to register under FARA, running the risk of being prosecuted.

Now, given that he’s a Democrat, the risk of being prosecuted for a FARA violation is very low, and of course the ‘home field’ advantage of being a Democrat almost guarantees an acquittal even if prosecuted. But failing to divulge the foreign money in income tax filings? The IRS doesn’t play.

So what Biden has done is simply designate his family members as the Holders In Name Only of the money. Instead of giving $50,000 per month to Joe Biden, just give it to Hunter. Instead of giving $75,000 to Joe Biden, just give it to Natalie. Or whoever.

Joe will ‘borrow’ it from them if he needs it later. ‘Borrow.’ Wink, wink.”

The author contends that the Biden Family could be subject to a RICO investigation. 

Rep. Comer has been a very busy man as he tries to track all of Biden’s corruptions and failures. He has recently announced that the committee is also investigating the Afghanistan withdrawal that led to the deaths of 13 servicemembers and left behind millions of dollars of equipment.

He is also trying to figure out what exactly John Kerry is doing in the White House. Comer has threatened “to subpoena the Biden administration over documents related to climate envoy John Kerry’s office and work. 

Comer previously requested documents related to Kerry’s work as the special envoy for climate — a role which puts the former secretary of State at the helm of climate diplomacy efforts. 

Comer also raised concerns about the fact Kerry carries significant responsibilities but that his position did not require Senate confirmation. 

‘Envoy Kerry is engaging in activities that skirt congressional authority, threaten foreign policy under the guise of climate advocacy, and could undermine our economic health,’ he wrote.” 

This article originally appeared on New Conservative Post. Used with Permission.

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