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Biden Aides Angry Attorney General Won’t Cover Up Misdeeds

Aides to President Joe Biden have become furious with Attorney General Merrick Garland, according to a new investigation by The Wall Street Journal. The newspaper notes that Biden allies believe that the Attorney General should be doing more to protect the Biden Crime? Family, especially in light of Hunter Biden’s recent gun charges. 

The newspaper writes that the “frosty relationship” between the president and the attorney general is “now a deep freeze.” 

How dare one of the most politicized leaders of the American Justice Department in recent memory not completely set up a two-tiered system of justice? One for Democrats and one for the rest of the country.  

Respect and admiration among White House aides for Garland, a longtime federal appeals-court judge chosen to underscore the independence of the Justice Department, has shifted for some into resignation and distrust. They point to Garland having appointed not just a special counsel to investigate former President Donald Trump, but two others as well: one looking into Biden and another probing his son, Hunter Biden. On Thursday, the latter indicted the younger Biden on gun charges, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Some Biden aides have said they see Garland’s handling of the inquiries into the Biden family as driven less by a dispassionate pursuit of justice than by a punctilious desire to give the appearance that sensitive investigations are walled off from political pressure, people familiar with the matter say.

Those aides point out, for example, that prosecutors closed within months an inquiry into classified documents found at former Vice President Mike Pence’s Indiana home, but assigned a special counsel—with wider latitude and more independence—to examine similar issues for Biden, also a former vice president. That probe remains open.

As for the Hunter Biden case, a lawyer for him said the decisions to appoint a special counsel and indict the president’s son after he had agreed to a plea deal reflected “partisan interference in this process.”

The president’s closest allies were allegedly disappointed that Hunter had his sweetheart deal denied by a Delaware judge in July. 

“As a result,” writes The Daily Caller, “Biden’s defense counsel and DOJ special attorney Leo Wise got into a dispute about the scope of the immunity provision and Biden pleaded not guilty to two tax misdemeanors. His legal team has argued the diversion agreement is legally binding, while the DOJ believes the agreement was never put into place.

In August, Garland appointed Delaware U.S. Attorney David Weiss special counsel in the Hunter Biden case. IRS whistleblowers Gary Shapley and Joseph Ziegler accused Justice Department investigators of giving Hunter Biden special treatment under Weiss’ leadership prior to his special counsel designation.

Some White House aides believe Garland mismanaged the Hunter Biden inquiry after the plea deal collapsed and Weiss was appointed special counsel….The aides also believe Garland should have taken a more firm posture after Shapley and Ziegler came forward. Hunter Biden’s legal team has accused the whistleblowers of illegal disclosures in their Congressional testimony and media appearances.” 

Much of the anxiety over Hunter’s trouble may stem from the fact that the new gun charges isn’t just harmful to the Biden campaign, but also to the liberal obsession with restricting gun laws. 

New Conservative Post reported that one of the defenses from Hunter’s legal team revolves around asking the Supreme Court to rule the law used to charge him as unconstitutional. 

The chance to strengthen the Second Amendment by using the case of his son against Biden’s push to restrict gun owners might be too difficult for the conservatives on the Supreme Court to pass on. 

NBC News explained that “by bringing these charges, the government is effectively inviting a drawn-out fight on a subject that’s been increasingly scrutinized by the courts, following the GOP-controlled Supreme Court’s revolutionary expansion of gun rights.

Just last month, for example, in a cannabis user’s case that involves one of the laws Biden was just charged under — which bars drug users from possessing guns — an appeals court said the law violates the Second Amendment. And Biden’s charges come as the Supreme Court will consider whether to expand gun rights even further in its upcoming term, which starts next month.

None of this is lost on Biden’s legal team. His lawyer Abbe Lowell said after the indictment: “We believe these charges are barred by the agreement the prosecutors made with Mr. Biden, the recent rulings by several federal courts that this statute is unconstitutional, and the facts that he did not violate that law, and we plan to demonstrate all of that in court.” 

Garland has been anything but a fair umpire of the law. Over the past few years he has used his power to attack the pro-life movement to the point where his department sent SWAT agents to the home of a pro-life activist and accused teachers protesting at school meetings of being domestic terrorists. When DOJ agents opposed the use of SWAT teams and blew the whistle, Garland’s agents “stripped of his gun and badge, and escorted out of the FBI field office in Daytona Beach, Florida.”

Under his watch, the FBI has appeared to become more radicalized, going so far as investigating Catholics as potential “radicals” for supporting Latin Mass. 

In June, Garland was accused by a whistleblower of firing the team at the IRS investigating Hunter Biden for tax crimes. Gary Shapley and another whistleblower testified before Ways and Means Committee attorneys for more than seven hours, accusing  “Attorney General Merrick Garland of lying to Congress when he asserted that investigations into Biden would go on without political interference. Garland denied the charge. Werfel testified to Ways and Means in April and promised that whistleblowers would not be retaliated against. The second whistleblower alleged in his interview that he was retaliated against as early as October 2022.”

The White House looks at that laundry list and asks why he can’t be more corrupt in the face of the president’s son committing obvious gun crimes. 

This article originally appeared on New Conservative Post. Used with Permission.

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