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Biden Vows To Take More Vacations In 2024

As American sailors face attacks from Yemeni terrorists in the Middle East, wars in Israel and Ukraine continue to rage, and a large caravan of migrants heads towards the southern border, Joe Biden wants the public to know one thing: he doesn’t care. 

After taking a vacation at Camp David for Christmas, the president has spent the past few days living in luxury on St. Croix in the Caribbean. During his brief comments to the press, Joe Biden said his biggest resolution for 2024 is to take more vacations. 

President Joe Biden said Saturday that his “biggest” wish for the upcoming year is to head back to the Caribbean island vacation destination of St. Croix, where he spent the holidays with his family, writes The Washington Examiner.

As several crises continue both at home in America and abroad, Biden was asked by a reporter what his New Year’s resolution was for 2024.

“To come back next year,” he responded.

He was pressed on any other resolutions but said, “That’s the biggest one right there.”

Biden acknowledged the luxe vacation to reporters, joking, “I know you guys hate this assignment down here. I’m sorry to bring you down here.”

Joe Biden has spent a huge portion of his presidency acting like a retired person. In September, The New York Post reported that “Biden has spent all or part of 382 of his presidency’s 957 days – or 40% — on personal overnight trips away from the White House, putting him on pace to become America’s most idle commander-in-chief, according to data calculated by the Republican National Committee and confirmed by The Post using White House reports of Biden’s movements.”

The Heritage Foundation has noted that while Biden takes luxury trips, most Americans cannot afford to take time away from work. “Many Americans would love such a lax job schedule, but they’re too busy working a second job to make ends meet. They cannot afford one day of vacation, let alone 382 like Mr. Biden.

On the few days Mr. Biden has actually been working, he has instituted policies that caused the middle class’s financial plight. Here are just a few examples.

Bidenomics is best defined by the government spending, borrowing, and printing too much money. That has caused inflation, which has eroded the value of people’s earnings. Real earnings (i.e., inflation-adjusted) have fallen about 5 percent under Mr. Biden.

The average American family’s weekly paycheck is about $230 bigger today, but it buys about $100 less compared to when Mr. Biden took office. That loss in value is a real tax. The average American worker is paying more on his or her hourly wages in the hidden tax of inflation than in federal income taxes. That means inflation has effectively doubled what the average American workers pays to the government.” 

While Biden works on his tan, he’s also escalating war in the Middle East, sending Americans into harm’s way. The Times of London reported that “Britain’s military is preparing to launch a wave of air strikes against the Iranian-backed Houthis creating chaos in the Red Sea, raising the prospect of a significant spiraling of tensions in the region.

Under the plans the UK would join with the US and possibly another European country to unleash a salvo of missiles against pre-planned targets, either in the sea or in Yemen itself, where the militants are based.”

The move comes as the American Navy came under attack from the Iran-backed Houthi rebels, sinking the boats of terrorists as they tried to board a container ship.

This is the second time in 24 hours that American ships have come under attack. 

This article originally appeared on New Conservative Post. Used with Permission.

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