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Very Confident President Throws Party To ‘Build Morale’

Are you a presidential staffer upset that Israel is allowed to defend itself from terrorist attacks? 

How about an assistant to Kamala Harris disturbed by the constant dysfunction in her office stemming from her “deep insecurity?” 

Maybe you’re just a Democrat working in the White House who has come to grips that you work for the most unpopular president in modern history. 

Either way, White House Chief of Staff Jeff Zients wants to “raise morale” in the failing Biden administration. So, who wants some pizza

The New York Post writes

White House chief of staff Jeff Zients on Wednesday invited hundreds of executive office staffers to a party intended to raise spirits as President Biden’s approval rating has plunged ahead of his 2024 re-election push.

The off-campus shindig will be held at a private venue in Northern Virginia later this month and is being described as a “morale booster,” according to Axios. 

Zients, who is believed to be the president’s wealthiest aide, is using his own money to throw the bash, according to the outlet. Disclosure forms indicate Zients’ net-worth is between $89.3 million and $442.8 million.

“To ensure we are able to include as many staff as possible, this invitation is non-transferrable and does not include a guest,” Zients wrote in his invite to White House staffers. 

Axios noted that liberals working in the White House have remained concnered about the chief of staff lifting some COVID-19 precautions as he’s attempted to restore “a sense of normalcy to the White House” and opened up the White House mess for in-person dining and he has hosted happy hours in his corner office.

“The White House is a hive of in-person work in a federal government in which many employees have been reluctant to return to the workplace. Zients has been pressing Cabinet secretaries to break their staffs’ stubborn work-from-home habits.”

Zients’ big party comes as another leftwing, activist member of the Biden administration resigned over Biden’s stance on the war against Hamas. 

The New York Times writes, “A top adviser at the Education Department has resigned over President Biden’s handling of the Israel-Hamas war, the second official to do so as the administration faces divisions over U.S. support for Israel’s bombardment in Gaza.

The adviser, Tariq Habash, who is the department’s only Palestinian American political appointee, announced on Wednesday that he could no longer serve an administration that had “put millions of innocent lives in danger.”

In an interview on Thursday, Mr. Habash said he had come to the decision after feeling ‘no empathy and no recognition of my own humanity by the president.’

‘I care about helping people,’ said Mr. Habash, who was born in the United States but is the descendant of Palestinian Christians who were expelled from Jaffa in 1948, when the Israeli state was established. ‘I thought the president did, too.’”

It’s not certain whether or not a party will help quell the Democratic antisemitism problem that has taken over their party. 

The president recently received a new wave of new criticism from leftwing members of Congress due to his decision to send aid to Israel without involving Congress. 

Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, a Democrat from Minnesota who once eluded to the idea that Jews control Washington, called the move “indefensible” on Tuesday.

“This is morally indefensible. How can we expect Netanyahu’s government to stop the mass killing of civilians and calls for ethnic cleansing if we continue to supply the weapons used to carry it out?” 

“The State Department announced late last week that Secretary Antony Blinken made an emergency determination to bypass Congress on an emergency arms sale to Israel totaling $147.5 billion. A similar decision was announced on Dec. 9.

The ongoing war between Israel and Hamas was sparked on Oct. 7, when militants from Gaza launched a surprise attack that killed more than 1,000 people – mainly civilians,” according to Fox News.

This article originally appeared on New Conservative Post. Used with Permission.

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