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Jill Biden Heckled At Campaign Event By Pro-Palestine Group

In the aftermath of over 100,000 Democrats in Michigan voting in protest of Joe Biden last month, the White House deployed Jill Biden across the country. The campaign hopes that while Joe Biden continues to be the most unpopular president in modern history, his more cognizant and awake wife will be able to rally Democrats to back to the fold for 2024.

They might have to look elsewhere.

Unfortunately for the First Lady, she soon realized that the anti-Israel portion of the party does not care for personalizing anecdotes about the president. They only want one thing: the end of Israel’s war against Hamas, even if it means the terrorist group never has to return the kidnapped hostages. 

Over the weekend, Hot Air writes, the First Lady received a rude awakening in Arizona from the pro-Hamas side of the Democratic Party.

Jill Biden is tasked with rallying women to support Joe Biden. He has lost the support of all demographics since he became president. He has to keep women voters or else he will be defeated in November. In 2020, he received 55% of their vote. Black women and suburban women voted for Joe Biden. White women and a larger share of white women without college degrees voted for Trump, writes Hot Air. 

She tries to tell personal stories to show the human side of Biden. She touts him as the author of the Violence Against Women Act. She tells audiences that she watched him write the bill in long hand on yellow legal pads. Really? Biden just whipped that bill up at home? And she talks about a national abortion ban as an issue if Trump becomes president. 

Georgia is an important swing state for Biden. He was the first Democrat since Bill Clinton to win the state. Recent polls show Trump up as much as seven points over Biden in Georgia.

Jill has the same problem her husband has on the campaign trail. The pro-Hamas Democrats are interrupting campaign events with heckling over Biden’s actions during the Israel-Hamas war. They demand a complete ceasefire. Jill’s speech in the second state on her itinerary was interrupted by a heckler. In Tucson, Arizona, she was accused of supporting genocide, the same as her husband, Genocide Joe. She tried to raise her voice and keep talking but that didn’t work. She paused. Her supporters chanted, “Four more years,” as the protester was removed.

Fox News noted that “the group of protesters then began yelling and accused the Bidens, who have been vocally supportive of Israel, of supporting ‘genocide’ in the Israel-Hamas war.

‘It’s genocide!’ one male demonstrator yelled. ‘You and your husband support the genocide of the Palestinian people!’

In a counterprotest, audience members began shouting, ‘Four more years,’ to quiet the disruptive group. After several seconds, the protesters were silenced.” 

Democrats have become flustered by the fact that their antisemitic base will not come on board after Biden and surrogates simply yell “Donald Trump” into a microphone.

According to The Washington Examiner, Michigan Congresswoman Debbie Dingell, for example, recently claimed that “President Joe Biden will meet with Arab and Muslim community leaders in Michigan over his approach to the Israel–Hamas war after last week’s protest vote against him in the battleground state’s primary.

But simultaneously, Dingell amplified differences between Biden and likely 2024 Republican nominee former President Donald Trump, a reminder to Michigan Democrats of what the war and life could be like under Trump.

‘I know that the president will meet with this community,’ Dingell told NBC Sunday. ‘I think they’re very raw right now. And I think let’s get some pieces in place. But you know, I’m going to tell you something else. I don’t hear Donald Trump talk about this at all. And I’m not exactly sure how he would be handling it. I have some pretty strong feelings about what would be happening there. Joe Biden is talking about it. Joe Biden is working hard to get that ceasefire.’

‘I have had very direct conversations with the president, and I believe those conversations are private,’ Dingell said. ‘But I think you’ve seen a change, that the White House has been reaching out more to the Arab American Muslim community, hearing their hurt. I am told that they are doing many things very directly.’”

Dingell was one of the first to warn Hillary that she would lose Michigan to Trump in 2016. 

The problem Democrats have comes from the basic fact that few Americans support Hamas over Israel except young people. A ​​Harvard CAPS-Harris poll in January revealed “the vast majority of Americans still support Israel over Hamas, suggesting concerns about the electoral impact of President Joe Biden’s decision to stand with Israel may be overblown.

The poll found that 80 percent of respondents said they support Israel over Hamas in the current war, while only 20 percent support Hamas over Israel. The majority of every sub-group polled supports Israel more than Hamas — including those aged 18-24, where the split is 57% support of Israel and 43% support of Hamas.

At the same time, 57% of young people said they believe Israel is committing genocide and 63% supported an unconditional ceasefire without the release of the hostages, although no other age group had a majority that agreed in either case.”

American officials recently claimed that Israel has approved a framework for a proposed ceasefire in Gaza and a deal for the release of captives. The decision to accept now rests with the Palestinian group Hamas.

“There’s a framework deal. The Israelis have more or less accepted it,” a senior US official in the administration of President Joe Biden told reporters on a conference call.

“Right now, the ball is in the camp of Hamas,” the official said, speaking on condition of anonymity.

The proposed framework includes a six-week ceasefire, along with the commitment from Hamas to release vulnerable captives, comprising individuals who are sick, wounded, elderly, and women, as stated by a US official.

If Hamas rejects the deal, will the Democratic base stop blaming Israel and turn their ire to the terrorist group? 

Probably not.

This article originally appeared on New Conservative Post. Used with Permission.

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