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Biden Announces Military Action In Gaza To Build Port

The polls must be so bad in Michigan and Minnesota, the two states that have rabid anti-Israel sentiment and voted “uncommitted” in the Democratic primary. Joe Biden has decided to take drastic action that may very well put American sailors in harm’s way while helping Hamas continue its fight against our strongest ally in the Middle East.

 According to a new report, writes American’s News Desk, “the Biden administration is now planning on sending U.S. troops directly into Gaza, an active warzone, in order to build and run a pier which would then, in theory, be able to act as a new entry and exit point through which aid and, potentially, refugees could flow.”

In October 2023, in the aftermath of the largest terrorist attack in decades launched by Hamas, Cypress proposed establishing a “sea corridor” to “deliver humanitarian aid to Gaza from the island’s main port of Limassol,” noted the Associated Press

Critics viewed the idea with skepticism, claiming that Hamas and its outside allies often turn “aid” into weapons, such as turning water pipes into rockets.  

With pro-Palestine activists mobbing Democrats to demand a “ceasefire,” which is up to Hamas offering up the hundreds of hostages they still hold, and his poll numbers crashing, Joe Biden now thinks Cypress has a great idea.  

The main feature of this port is a temporary pier which will provide the capacity for hundreds of additional truckloads of assistance each day, with initial shipments coming via Cyprus with support of the U.S. military and a coalition of partners and allies, said a senior administration official briefing reporters Thursday, according to Voice of America.

“We will coordinate with the Israelis on the security requirements on land and work with the U.N. and humanitarian NGOs on the distribution of assistance within Gaza,” the official said. “This new significant capability will take a number of weeks to plan and execute. The forces that will be required to complete this mission are either already in the region or will begin to move there soon.”

The official said that there will be no American boots on the ground in Gaza. Instead, the U.S. military will employ its “unique capabilities” to establish the facilities from offshore.

“The concept that’s been planned involves the presence of U.S. military personnel on military vessels offshore but does not require U.S. military personnel to go ashore to install the pier or causeway facility that will allow the transportation of humanitarian assistance ashore,” said a senior defense official in the same press briefing.

Biden will allegedly promise that no American troops will be put on the ground in Gaza. “Instead, the plan involves U.S. personnel on military vessels offshore who will not be required to go ashore to install the port.

Initial shipments of supplies would come via Cyprus, enabled by the U.S. military and partners. Officials said the U.S. would work with the United Nations and other humanitarian partners to distribute aid across Gaza once it reaches the port,” reported The Hill.

Earlier in the year, The Telegraph showed an elderly Palestinian woman claiming that Hamas was stealing much of the aid intended for civilians caught in the crossfire of war. 

The Wall Street Journal stated a few weeks ago that “humanitarian aid deliveries in the Gaza Strip have slowed to a trickle, as security across the embattled enclave deteriorates, leaving 2.2 million Palestinians faced with spreading famine, disease and desperation.

Benny Gantz, a member of Israel’s war cabinet, said Wednesday that Israel was exploring a variety of options for addressing the aid crisis, such as asking friendly Arab nations to take over responsibility. Israel has said that up to 60% of the aid going into Gaza is being diverted by Hamas. U.N. officials said there is no evidence to support such contentions. 

‘We are currently promoting pilot [programs] of aid transfer through parties, organizations and countries, in a way that will ensure that Hamas does not take it over,” Gantz said. “Our goal and the goal of the contributing countries is the same: aid to the civilians and not to the terrorists.’

The collapse of law and order within Gaza is stemming aid deliveries through both crossings, with violent assaults on trucks and their drivers becoming more frequent due to the shortfall in basic goods, say U.N. officials. The near-daily attacks have compromised the work of aid groups, they said. Until last week, violent attacks on truck drivers and U.N. staff were rare. The U.N. is sending fewer trucks into the strip as a result.”

Israel claims that Hamas still holds over 125 hostages taken by the terrorist group on October 7, 2023. 

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