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Biden Sets Terrible Record For Embassy Closures

As violence has erupted across the nation of Haiti, Americans living in the Caribbean nation have found themselves in a similar position of other diplomatic families throughout Biden’s first term. They’re trapped and in desperate need of help as their embassy gets ordered to close. 

Fox News writes that “parts of Haiti – including an area outside the U.S. embassy – have now plunged into darkness following attacks by vandals on a power plant and four power substations in Port-au-Prince, the country’s national utility says. 

The development comes after the State Department revealed Monday that nearly 1,000 Americans have filled out a “crisis intake form” seeking assistance in Haiti. 

‘It is not hyperbole to say that this is one of the most dire humanitarian situations in the world,’ State Department spokesperson Vedant Patel said. ‘Gang violence continues to make the security situation in Haiti untenable, and it is a region that demands our attention.’  

‘This is a fluid situation and the number of individuals who have reached out to us through the crisis intake form is approaching a thousand,’ he added, referring to the form on the State Department’s website.” 

When Joe Biden took office, his senior diplomatic team announced that “the adults were back in charge.” In reality, however, the president’s foreign policy has seen one disaster after another. With the closure of the American embassy in Haiti, the White House set a new, dire record. 

With that evacuation of the embassy in Haiti, the Biden administration has presided over more evacuations of U.S. embassies—a total of 11—than any other presidential administration in U.S. history, writes The Daily Signal. 

Since Biden took office in January 2021, his State Department has partially or fully evacuated 11 U.S. embassies via what are known as authorized or ordered departure directives.

President Barack Obama presided over the second-most embassy evacuations of any administration with a total of eight over two terms (Egypt, Libya, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Central African Republic, and South Sudan), or about one a year. Donald Trump presided over three partial evacuations in his four years as president.

Authorized departure advisories consist of the State Department suggesting that diplomats, their families, and other Americans leave the country in question—often through special travel arrangements made by the department. Ordered departures are directives from the State Department for all Americans and nonessential embassy staff to leave the country in question immediately.

Foreign policy was always supposed to be a strong suit for Biden. It was allegedly one of the significant reasons that Barack Obama chose him as vice president in the first place, but as he’s served as president, he’s mostly appeared as someone pretending to be a foreign policy expert than anything else. 

The Daily Mail recently wrote the embarrassing headline about the president: “Biden says Trump has ‘no basis of understanding’ of foreign policy, then mixes up Norway and Finland.” 

The newspaper explained, “President Joe Biden on Tuesday attacked Donald Trump as having ‘no basis of understanding’ of foreign policy but also mixed up Norway and Finland when he was speaking about the NATO alliance.

‘This guy – he has no basis of understanding what American foreign policy is about,’ Biden told a group of about 50 supporters at a campaign stop in Reno, Nevada.

But the president also made his own foreign policy flub, part of a series of errors where he has mixed up world leaders and countries.

When talking about a conversation he had with former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger shortly before the diplomat died, Biden said Kissinger spoke to him about Sweden and Norway joining NATO.

The incumbent president said Kissinger’s advice to strengthen the alliance was to ‘increase the NATO border through Sweden and Norway.'”

Unfortunately for Mr. Foreign Policy Biden, Norway was a founding member of NATO, whereas Sweden and Finland joined over the past year. 

This is not the first time that Biden has confused foreign countries. During his angry press conference in which he tried to refute the claims that he has memory problems, the president confused Mexico and Egypt.

“The president summoned reporters at the White House to insist that his memory was “fine” and emphasize he was insulted by the portrait of an “elderly man with a poor memory” painted by a former US attorney appointed by Donald Trump — his likely 2024 opponent — in an investigation into his handling of classified documents.

Yet a press conference that saw the president express righteous anger over the invoking of his son’s death and offer a comprehensive overlook at the conflict in the Middle East was undercut by another high-profile gaffe involving a foreign leader. 

Toward the end of his remarks, Biden mistakenly referred to Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi as the leader of Mexico. The misstep threatened to undermine his entire effort, and was immediately seized on by his political opponents as further evidence Biden was unfit to serve.

Still, the irony of Biden’s gaffe seemed to eliminate any hope of reversing the drumbeat of concern over his age and ability that had grown over the week, after repeatedly confusing the names of European leaders on the campaign trail and declining the opportunity to sit for a traditional pregame interview before the Super Bowl,” reported Fortune

This article originally appeared on New Conservative Post. Used with Permission.

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