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John Fetterman Calls Out Biden Weakness

At least one Democrat has come out against Joe Biden’s weakness when it comes to responding to the unprecedented attack by Iran against Israel over the weekend. 

Despite the size of the attack, Biden, likely fearful of voters in Dearborn, Michigan, than ramifications for the lives of those in Israel, writes The Financial Times, “urged Israel to show restraint after Iran’s drone and missile attack as Washington seeks to de-escalate Middle East tensions and reduce the risk of a full-blown regional war.

Israel’s war cabinet met yesterday to consider its response to Iran’s 

attack, but had not yet made a decision on what action it would take, an Israeli government insider said.

The person added it was clear that Israel had to respond, ‘just unclear when and how big.’

Biden has counseled Israel to take a measured approach. ‘The president has been clear. We don’t want to see this escalate,”’said John Kirby, spokesperson for the US National Security Council, on NBC’s Meet the Press. ‘We’re not looking for a wider war with Iran.’”

Biden declared that the United States would not offer assistance in any retaliatory attack against Iran, but that didn’t sit well with everyone in his party.

The Pennsylvania senator said he didn’t agree with president’s stance America shouldn’t join its close ally in fighting Iran, saying he would never “capitulate to the fringe” of his party the way Biden has.

CNN host Jake Tapper asked Fetterman to respond to reports that Biden told Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that the U.S. wouldn’t participate in any offensive operations against Iran during a conversation on Saturday, Fox News recalled

“Do you think that’s the right call or should direct U.S. military action, as some of your colleagues in the Senate are suggesting, should that be on the table?” he asked. 

“I don’t agree with that, I just think we should follow and have Israel’s back in the situation. I don’t agree with the president. That doesn’t change anything that he‘s a fantastic president. I‘m proud to stand with him and campaign for him and vote for him,” he responded. 

Fetterman also offered a diplomatic, but underhanded comment about Biden’s leadership when pressed by Tapper about the leftwing activists who have come to take over the mind of the leaders in the Democratic Party by pretending they won’t vote for Biden in the fall if he doesn’t force Israel to capitulate.  

“The president is entitled to his own views and whatever he decides to do. But I would never capitulate to the fringe. I’ll never pander to that as well. In fact, that empowers Hamas and Hamas, they’re actually convinced they’re winning the PR war. And they’re never going to negotiate at this point. They think that they’re going to hold onto the very end,” Fetterman continued. 

“And I know why they’re not willing to provide any kind of proof of life. And I don’t know why there’s not more of that conversation in the media, like what about the hostages? What’s happened to them? Where are they now? And let’s just bring them home. And then all of the harsh words should be directed at Hamas, which started this. And now continues to hold all of over 100 Israeli hostages,” he said. 

Fetterman has become one of the few Democratic voices of reason, while he calls out the far left, other leaders in the party, including up-and-comers like Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, have refused to take bold stances against the far left’s insane vision of foreign policy like below:

While Fetterman openly stands against Hamas sympathizers and anti-Israel activists, Whitmer has remained silent as protests from some of her most ardent supporters involved chants of “death to America” and “death to Israel.” 

USA Today noted that silence for the Michigan Democrat when the violence is against Jews. “I want to focus on Dearborn, though, because of the political forces at play. Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer is a Democratic rising star whom many see as future White House material. Her own ambitions are obvious. A new memoir out this summer (“True Gretch”) will help set the stage for a bigger national presence.

That’s why it’s notable that Whitmer has stayed silent about the “death to America” chants at the Dearborn protest. More than a week after the event, she has said nothing about it. 

She did take time to mark the end of Ramadan with this tweet to Michigan Muslims on Tuesday: ‘Eid Mubarak, Michigan. I hope you and your families had a blessed Ramadan. May you all have a blessed Eid and come together to celebrate all that makes our communities strong and our state even stronger.’

Why has Whitmer been silent about highly publicized comments made in her state − comments so clearly beyond the pale that even the White House has condemned them? Whitmer’s office did not respond to a request for comment on her stance.”

The answer is clear: like Biden, she’s going to need their votes in the future. 

Democrats have a choice: more Fetterman or more Whitmer. The fate of multiple countries may rest on their choice.

This article originally appeared on New Conservative Post. Used with Permission.

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