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Hunter Intends To Sue Fox News

Hunter Biden has continued his pursuit of suing anyone who points out his alleged corruption. Last fall, he sued over whistleblowers whose testimony blew up his sweetheart deal, then his “sugar brother” threatened to sue Fox News legal analyst Jonathan Turley, but now, the crown prince of the Biden family has got his eyes on one of the biggest fish of them all. 

Hunter is set to take his “scorched earth campaign” to Fox News. 

Lawyers for the president’s son said he plans to sue the cable news channel “imminently,” according to a letter sent to NBC News. 

The letter, dated April 23, puts the Fox News Channel and Fox News Digital on notice for litigation claims arising from the network’s alleged “conspiracy and subsequent actions to defame Mr. Biden and paint him in a false light, the unlicensed commercial exploitation of his image, name, and likeness, and the unlawful publication of hacked intimate images of him.” 

Biden has hired attorney Mark Geragos and his firm to represent him in the Fox litigation efforts. The letter is the second outreach to Fox this month. An earlier letter was hand-delivered to Fox’s counsel two weeks ago, and the network asked for more time to respond, according to a source familiar with Biden’s legal efforts. The network has not yet responded to the letter sent April 23, which included a Friday evening, April 26, deadline to respond, according to Geragos. The letter is signed by Tina Glandian, a partner at Geragos & Geragos working on the case.

The new threat of litigation comes almost a year after Fox News agreed to pay almost $800 million to Dominion Voting Systems to settle defamation claims related to Fox’s airing of election fraud claims in the 2020 election. Fox News also agreed to a $12 million settlement with a former employee who alleged she was pressured to provide misleading information as part of the Dominion case. 

In a statement, Geragos said: “For the last five years, Fox News has relentlessly attacked Hunter Biden and made him a caricature in order to boost ratings and for its financial gain. The recent indictment of FBI informant Smirnov has exposed the conspiracy of disinformation that has been fueled by Fox, enabled by their paid agents and monetized by the Fox enterprise. We plan on holding them accountable.”

Geragos has represented top Hollywood stars, such as Michael Jackson, singer Chris Brown, and actress Winona Ryder.

ABC News explained that “Geragos also has experience representing family members of presidents: He negotiated a plea deal in 2001 for Roger Clinton Jr., the brother of former President Bill Clinton, for driving under the influence.

After years of quietly weathering a federal criminal investigation and deluge of negative press, Hunter Biden embarked on an aggressive legal counteroffensive last year against several individuals who played some role in obtaining and disseminating the contents of a laptop purportedly belonging to him.

Among those are John Paul Mac Isaac, the computer repairman who initially obtained the laptop; Rudy Giuliani, who denied Hunter Biden’s claim that he manipulated and disseminated data from the laptop; and Garrett Ziegler, a onetime Trump White House aide who published the contents of the laptop  including several graphic images  to the internet.

When special counsel David Weiss brought tax-related charges against Biden last year, his indictment included an accounting of how Hunter Biden spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on women instead of paying his taxes. Hunter Biden has pleaded not guilty to those charges.”

Hunter apparently believes that Fox News is at one of its lowest points, and who could blame him? The channel was slapped with a huge defamation settlement in April 2023 for its role in pushing conspiracy theories about Dominion Voting Machines. 

The cable news leader agreed to pay over $775 million dollars to the voting machine producer, which alleged that Fox had lied and pushed conspiracy theories about their machines. 

Shortly after the settlement, Fox forced out one of its prime host–Tucker Carlson. Many have suspected that the defamation suit played a major role in the decision. 

The Washington Post reported that “the letter is part of an aggressive strategy that Hunter Biden and his camp have adopted in advance of two criminal trials that he faces, potentially as early as June, as well his father’s reelection campaign. Hunter Biden faces federal charges related to taxes and gun possession.

Last September, Hunter Biden filed lawsuits against Rudy Giuliani, former attorney for Donald Trump, and Giuliani’s former lawyer, Bob Costello. The lawsuits allege misuse of his personal computer data. Around the same period, the son of the president also sued the IRS, claiming violations of his privacy rights during their investigation.

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