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Michael Cohen Admits He’s A Thief

Although most experts agree that Trump can’t possibly get a fair trial, it looks like Alvin Bragg and his Democratic prosecution ran into a major roadblock in their “hush money” trial against Donald Trump. 

The star witness literally admitted that he’s a crook.

Michael Cohen, the former personal lawyer and fixer for Donald Trump, confessed during cross-examination on Monday that he embezzled funds from Trump’s company. Cohen admitted to retaining money intended for a tech contractor.

CNBC reported that the former “fixer” has once again been proven to be a godsend for the defense despite being lauded as a silver bullet for the liberal lawfare being launched against the former president. 

“You did steal from the Trump Organization, correct?” Trump’s lawyer Todd Blanche asked Cohen at the former president’s criminal hush money trial in New York.

Cohen replied, “Yes, sir.”

Cohen pocketed $30,000 of the $50,000 he received from the Trump Organization and then gave about $20,000 to the tech firm Red Finch, which previously worked for the Trump Organization, he testified in Manhattan Supreme Court.

Cohen said although Red Finch’s owner would have preferred getting the full $50,000 he was owed, he was “placated for the time being,” the former fixer testified.

Jake Tapper, the CNN host who will be the moderator for the upcoming presidential debate, called Cohen’s admission “stunning” during his broadcast on Monday. 

“It’s fascinating stuff, and I have to say, I’m still kind of reeling from the revelation that Michael Cohen stole money from the Trump Organization and that wasn’t, at least to my knowledge, that the prosecution didn’t get that out earlier because it’s not as though the prosecution is going to be helped by further evidence that Michael Cohen is a shady character … that was just kind of stunning,” Tapper said.

“The same CNN panel said earlier in the segment that Cohen’s admission could damage Bragg’s case against Trump with “reasonable doubt” given that he stole from Trump and lied about where the funds were being directed to,” writes The Daily Caller.

“This is a bomb, this is really important. This is a bomb dropped in the middle of the prosecution’s case,” CNN legal analyst Elie Honig said. “Two reasons. One, Michael Cohen was stealing from Donald Trump. He was lying to people about what he was doing with money, he pocketed at least the $30,000 by lying to Weisselberg … $60,000, which by the way, this is crushing to the prosecution’s credibility because the prosecution did not ask Michael Cohen about that on direct and they haven‘t made him plead guilty to larceny, which this is, so let‘s start with that.”

“The other reason it’s so important is the money that Michael Cohen stole from under Donald Trump’s nose by his own admission, was part of the $420,000 that Michael Cohen was reimbursed for Stormy Daniels,” Honig added. “So the heart of the prosecution’s case is, that whole setup where they were going to repay Michael Cohen $420,000 to reimburse him for Stormy Daniels. That was all done to pay Stormy Daniels. Trump knew it. Trump knew every penny. That’s why he‘s guilty. Now it turns out Trump is getting robbed by his own guy.”


The judge in the case has previously tried to limit the damage to the prosecution’s case by limiting what witnesses that could help Trump can say in court.

After the day ended, Cohen made another startling admission. He wants to run for Congress. 

Now that you come to think of it, he’d probably fit right in. 

The judge in the case has previously tried to limit the damage to the prosecution’s case by limiting what witnesses that could help Trump can say in court.

Cohen has also claimed that he has made millions by turning against Trump, saying “he raked in more than $3 million from his books Disloyal and Revenge and $1 million from his podcast Mea Culpa since the fall of 2020, estimating that his earnings totaled $4.4 million.”

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