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Jill Poses For ‘Vogue’ In Response To Calls To Step Down

In the midst of the crisis within the Democratic Party following his debate disaster, the Biden family decided show how plugged in they are with the public by announcing that First Lady Jill Biden, who many liberals blame for the current problems they face, will be featured on the cover of Vogue magazine next month.

The article, a puff piece by the fashion magazine about the First Lady, opens like this: “If you want to know what power feels like, try to get yourself driven around in a motorcade. Flashing police chaperone lights form a perimeter as you blaze down an empty highway, waiting cars backed up on entry ramps as you pass. It’s as if the world is holding its breath. For you. Also, rules don’t apply.”

Jill has been a major proponent of Joe staying in the race.

While some have suggested that the First Lady read the room, the Biden reelection campaign itself couldn’t wait to promote the magazine, which is devoted to the expansion fashions of the urban elite.

The move demonstrates just how detached the Bidens have become with reality.

They really do believe that they can keep pretending that the debate was just “once bad night,” recent surveys, however, say the public isn’t buying the spin.

Survey USA, one of the top pollsters in the country, revealed that most of the country does not think that Joe Biden is up to the job, but to make matters worse for liberals who want to see the president step down, a majority of their own Democratic voters want the president to stay on the ticket.

“Former President Donald Trump leads incumbent President Joe Biden 45% to 43% among likely voters in an election held today, June 28 2024, the day following the first Presidential debate. 6% of likely voters say they would vote for another candidate; 7% are undecided. SurveyUSA conducted this research before Biden delivered a fiery early afternoon address in North Carolina, but after the June 27 debate between Trump and Biden.

83% of likely voters who choose a candidate say they will definitely vote for that candidate, including 86% of Trump voters and 87% of Biden voters. Just 40% of those who say they will vote for a third party candidate stand firm on that intention: 55% of third-party voters say there is a chance they may change their mind, compared to just 12% of Trump and 11% of Biden voters.

48% of all likely voters say Donald Trump is “up to the job” of being President for the next 4 years; 45% say he is not. Among just those who say they will vote for Trump, 94% say he is up to the job. Just 29% of all voters say Biden is up to the job; 57% say he is not. Among Biden’s own voters, just 64% say he is up to the job; 14% say he is not; 22% are not sure.”

What should happen next? Despite the numbers, Democrats want the president to continue. The pollster stated that “55% of likely Democratic voters say Biden should continue his run for a second term in office; 34% say he should step aside and allow another Democrat to run. 10% aren’t sure. If Biden does not step aside, 57% of likely Democratic voters say the Democratic Party should nominate him to run again at the Democratic National Convention this August; 33% say they should nominate another Democrat instead.”

It’s not just national polling that is flashing gigantic warning signs to Democrats. Last week, New Jersey polling pointed to Trump being ahead of Biden. This week, a survey of New Hampshire has shown that the bottom may have fallen out of the president’s support.

The Hill  writes that a new poll “found that 44 percent of New Hampshire voters would back Trump if the election was held today, to 42 percent supporting Biden. That’s a 12-point swing from an identical December poll, which found Biden with a 10-point lead in the state.

The poll found Biden underperforming in the Granite State, despite Democrats holding a narrow lead over Republicans in party registration and the generic ballot. When only given the political parties, voters sided with Democrats 46 percent to 43 percent, according to the poll.

‘After a remarkable six months that saw him swiftly dispatch his primary rivals and become the first former President to be convicted of a felony, Donald Trump has erased a ten-point polling deficit and now leads President Joe Biden by a narrow 2-point margin,’ New Hampshire Institute of Politics Director Neil Levesque said in a statement.

New Hampshire is considered to ‘lean Democratic,’ according to The Hill/Decision Desk HQ election forecast. Biden holds a 3.7 percent lead over Trump in the statewide polling average, which does not include the new Saint Anselm poll.”

They may get swamped in the upcoming election, but you have to admit, it’s a nice picture of Jill Biden and really, what’s more important?

This article originally appeared on New Conservative Post. Used with Permission.

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