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Former Senator Threatened To ‘Kick The Sh-t’ Out Of Biden After Creepiness To Wife

Joe Biden has always received a pass from feminists for being “handsy.” In 2019, for example, after the former vice president was accused of harassing and groping women, The Washington Post explained that “multiple women came forward to defend Biden, including former staffers, MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski and actress and #MeToo advocate Alyssa Milano. Several noted Biden’s record on issues concerning women; as a senator from Delaware, he led efforts to pass the Violence Against Women Act, and as vice president, he was the Obama administration’s point person on efforts to end sexual assaults against women on college campuses.”

Like Bill Clinton, who “neutered” the feminist movement in the 1990s, Biden effectively ended the #MeToo movement. If you support the right policies, liberal women will let you do it. All the current president had to do was promise to be “more mindful” of when he grabbed women or sniffed their hair like a creep. 

Most conservatives, however, have kept a shard of self-respect, including ex-senator from Massachusetts Scott Brown, who threatened the then vice president after he grabbed his wife. 

The Daily Caller reports, “Tom Shattuck asked Brown on the Burn Barrel podcast if he had previously shared a story on the Boston Herald radio about an incident with Biden. Shattuck prompted that the altercation was caused by Biden being inappropriate with Brown’s wife, leading Brown to confirm the incident.

“Was he like hair sniffing Gail or handsy with Gail?” Shattuck asked Brown.

“I told him I’d kick the shit out of him — kick the — beat the — I told him to stop. So yes,” said Brown. “He didn’t act the way I thought he should and — and you know we called him on it, and you know that’s it.”

“You called him on it to his face, right there?” said Shattuck.

“Oh yeah,” Brown confirmed.

“Biden has taken a hit in the polls and especially in the last few months this thing with his granddaughter really stuck, and also I think people are irked out about all the hair sniffing and things then we went overseas and he especially took a long inhale and I think women are skeeved out by that that stuff and, and you know he’s not a good guy,” said Shattuck.

The incident occurred in 2010, when Biden, serving as the president of the Senate, posed for pictures with Scott Brown and his wife, Gail Huff Brown, at the Republican’s swearing-in ceremony.

Photographers captured Huff Brown’s frozen grin as Biden’s right hand remained awkwardly behind her back – apparently near her posterior – as the portrait session ended.

One reporter found a recording of the moment of Biden’s creepiness. 

While Brown said that he enjoyed Biden’s company when he was younger, he also mentioned that the president’s increased inappropriate behavior was driven by “incipient dementia — which, he suggested, has worsened during his presidency.”

“I spent quite a bit of time with him. I enjoyed his company,” Brown recalled.

“But we all know people who have dementia and have the beginning of Alzheimer’s, and he’s got it,” he said.

“I mean, it’s the walk. It’s the way he’s mumbling, his anger outbursts. And it’s a shame that we can’t do better in this great country.”

Biden’s “handsiness” has embarrassed the nation especially when he travels abroad. Last month, Fox News noted that Biden creeped out a little girl in a welcome line. 

“President Biden appeared to nibble at the shoulder of a startled little girl during his departure from Helsinki on Thursday. 

A video of the incident, which took place as the president greeted embassy staff members and their families before he boarded Air Force One at Helsinki-Vantaan International Airport, shows Biden leaning into a young girl and placing his mouth on her shoulder as he nibbled lightly.

The little girl — who appeared frightened during the experience — later turned her head when Biden, who will turn 81 in November, tried to give her a peck on the head.”

The eyebrow-raising behavior from the president came as he concluded a five-day trip to Europe, where he participated in a Lithuanian summit to shore up support for Ukraine amid its war with Russia and showcase Finland’s NATO membership.”

In a moment of clarity, Donald Trump, Jr. said out loud what many people, conservative and liberal, likely thought as they watched the president’s bizarre behavior. 

No wonder some on the left are looking for a way out of this mess

This article originally appeared on New Conservative Post. Used with Permission.

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