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Melania Misses Christmas Picture For Very Good Reason

Over the weekend, the Trump Family posed for pictures to celebrate Christmas, and immediately two things stood out that sparked both curiosity and controversy on social media. 

Firstly, since leaving the White House, Barron Trump has become enormous. Standing behind his father and sister in the back row, the seventeen-year-old youngest son towered over his family. 

“Alongside Trump and Barron,” explained Newsweek, “Donald Jr., 45, and Ivanka, 42—Trump’s oldest children with late ex-wife Ivana Trump—attended the get-together. Tiffany, 30, whose mother is the business mogul’s ex-wife Marla Maples, was also in the picture.

Several of the business mogul’s grandchildren were in the shot including Arabella Rose, 12, Joseph Frederick, 10, and Theodore James, 7, along with their father, Ivanka’s husband Jared Kushner.

Donald Jr.’s fiancée Kimberly Guilfoyle and his son Donald John III, 15, with ex-wife Vanessa Haydon, were at the celebration, along with Guilfoyle’s son Ronan Anthony Villency.”

One conspicuous missing member of the family, however, raised eyebrows. Former First Lady Melania Trump went absent from this year’s holiday snapshot, but she had a good, though sad, reason. 

A source close to the former first lady told Fox News Digital that she did not attend the Trump family Christmas celebration at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida, earlier this week so that she could spend time with her ailing mother.

“Melania has always been very devoted to her entire family,” a source close to Melania Trump told Fox News Digital. “It should be no surprise that she spent this Christmas with her ailing mother.” 

The former first lady, in an interview with Fox News Digital earlier this year, said she fully supports her husband’s presidential campaign and looks forward to “restoring hope for the future and leading America with love and strength” during a possible second term in the White House. She told Fox News Digital it would be a “privilege” to serve as first lady again. 

Trump said that if she has “the privilege” to serve as first lady again in 2024, she would continue to prioritize initiatives focused on the well-being and development of children, to ensure they have the “support and resources they need to reach their full potential.”

Amalija Knavs, 78, Melania’s mother, is currently in the hospital, according to reports and the former First Lady has been by her mother’s side for the holidays.

The matriarch of the family was not the only one missing. Trump’s other son, Eric, and his wife Lara were not seen in the photo either. Lara may especially be in hot water with the family right now. She recently made news when she suggested that Nikki Haley could be Trump’s running mate, a move that Don Jr. quickly shot down.

 For months, rumors swirled that Melania and Donald Trump were having marriage problems after leaving the White House, but sources recently told The New York Post the exact opposite. Over the next few months, Team Trump plans to use the former First Lady as their secret weapon. 

Melania wants to use 2024 to “make her mark on history.” 

“Trump and his family are so secure that he will become president again that insiders at Mar-a-Lago say he’s reached an agreement with [wife] Melania [Trump] to step up top-tier diplomatic appearances in 2024.”

The Trumpworld source told Page Six that after Melania recently appeared with fellow former first ladies at Rosalynn Carter’s funeral, she is, “feeling more sure of herself — as both her husband’s representative and her own position as a diplomatic figure after her positive reception at the Carter funeral.”

Our source added, “Melania realizes it’s her time to join the ranks of historic first ladies and leave her mark on history… She feels better prepared for her potential role the second time around.”

The source told the outlet that Barron, now approaching adulthood, will allow the former First Lady to devote more time to politics and diplomacy. 

This article originally appeared on New Conservative Post. Used with Permission.

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