Hunter’s Sugar Brother Threatens Fox’s Jonathan Turley

In December 2022, as the GOP was readying itself to take over the House of Representatives and launch investigations into Hunter Biden’s alleged corruption, the crown prince of the Biden Family held a meeting. On the agenda was how the son of the president, and his allies like his “sugar brother,” Kevin Morris, planned to go “scorched earth” against all conservative critics, levying “lawfare” against critics by issuing lawsuits. 

The first target of this tactic included the IRS after two whistleblowers testified that Hunter Biden was receiving special treatment from the agency. 

Now, Hunter’s “sugar brother” lawyer has threatened legal action against criminal defense attorney and Fox News contributor Johnathan Turley. He claims that the law professor’s criticism of his giving the president’s son millions of dollars while also representing him was akin to defamation.

In column from over a year ago, Turley commented on Morris’ position as a central figure in planning of Hunter’s lawfare, which received the ire of Mr. Sugar Brother’s lawyer.

Fast-forward just over a year later — following his House committee interview in which he revealed he gave “massive’ financial support to Hunter Biden” — Morris may be following through on his plan, writes Fox News.  

“On Wednesday, I received a letter from Bryan M. Sullivan, a partner at Early Sullivan Wright Gizer & McRae LLP, who is the lawyer of Kevin Morris (who is the lawyer for Hunter Biden). The letter warns that I could face a defamation action if I do not retract (or if I repeat) my criticism of Morris’s representational relationship with Hunter,” Jonathan Turley wrote in his Friday column. 

“In his letter, Sullivan attacks my reference to ethics rules as unworthy of a professor as well as ‘blatantly misleading and just bad lawyering,'” said Turley. 

“That tirade about my lack of knowledge and principles is followed by a demand for an immediate retraction and adds ‘if you repeat your baseless charges, you understand that accusing someone of violating the law is defamation per se,’” he continued. 

CBS News reported that Morris informed the House Oversight Committee that he gave the son of the president $6.5 million in loans from October 2021 to December 2023. 

“His financial support for Hunter Biden covered his home, security, public relations, accountants, lawyers, payments to Hunter Biden’s ex-wife, payments to the mother of Hunter Biden’s love child and other expenses, according to Hunter Biden’s federal tax indictment in California and Morris’ testimony.

The tax indictment says Morris gave Hunter Biden $1.2 million of financial support from January to October 2020 without naming Morris directly. Hunter Biden pleaded not guilty to the federal tax charges on Jan. 11.

“In that period, he received financial support from Personal Friend totaling approximately $1.2 million. The financial support included hundreds of thousands of dollars in payments for, among other things, housing, media relations, accountants, lawyers, and his Porsche,” the indictment reads.

In addition, Morris bought $875,000 worth of Hunter Biden’s art and purchased his stake in holding company Skaneateles, which owns a 10% stake in Chinese investment firm BHR Partners,” noted The Daily Caller.

On January 16, the America First Legal, a conservative legal group, lodged a complaint against Morris with the California State Bar, alleging that he violated the state’s professional conduct regulations in his dealings with Biden.

The group argued that “Mr. Morris’s provision of funds to his client patently violates Rule 1.8.5 and an investigation into this matter is warranted. Therefore, we request that you open an investigation into Kevin Morris to adjudicate whether the California Rules of Professional Conduct were violated.”

In response to the letter, Turley said he wouldn’t back down. Instead, he published a column in The New York Post, repeating his “objections to Morris’s blurry representational claims.”

This article originally appeared on New Conservative Post. Used with Permission.

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