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Joe Biden Bans Further LNG Exports

Joe Biden has decided that getting his radical environmental base out to vote for him in November is more important than American energy jobs or allowing us to heat our homes for a low price. 

Bowing to climate activists who hate all fossil fuels, including ones that have lower emissions, the president has put a stop to exporting liquid natural gas. 

The Washington Post writes that “the presidential directive, which requires the Energy Department to study the climate impact of new gas exports, could delay the approval of nearly a dozen fossil fuel projects past the November election. That could help Biden court young voters who consider such facilities to be “climate bombs” and who were angered by the administration’s approval of a massive drilling project in Alaska. But it risks antagonizing other interests, including foreign allies, fossil fuel companies and Republican lawmakers.

Many liquefied natural gas, or LNG, export facilities are in communities of color on the Gulf Coast and other parts of the country. Biden said in a statement that the climate review came in response to pleas from young activists and members of these communities.”

In a statement, the White House said: President Biden has been clear that climate change is the existential threat of our time – and we must act with the urgency it demands to protect the future for generations to come. That’s why, since Day One, President Biden has led and delivered on the most ambitious climate agenda in history, which is lowering energy costs for hardworking Americans, creating millions of good-paying jobs, safeguarding the health of our communities, and ensuring America leads the clean energy future.

Today, the Biden-Harris Administration is announcing a temporary pause on pending decisions on exports of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) to non-FTA countries until the Department of Energy can update the underlying analyses for authorizations. The current economic and environmental analyses DOE uses to underpin its LNG export authorizations are roughly five years old and no longer adequately account for considerations like potential energy cost increases for American consumers and manufacturers beyond current authorizations or the latest assessment of the impact of greenhouse gas emissions. Today, we have an evolving understanding of the market need for LNG, the long-term supply of LNG, and the perilous impacts of methane on our planet. We also must adequately guard against risks to the health of our communities, especially frontline communities in the United States who disproportionately shoulder the burden of pollution from new export facilities. The pause, which is subject to exception for unanticipated and immediate national security emergencies, will provide the time to integrate these critical considerations.

The U.S. is already the number one exporter of LNG worldwide – with U.S. LNG exports expected to double by the end of this decade. At the same time, the U.S. remains unwavering in our commitment to supporting our allies around the world. Today’s announcement will not impact our ability to continue supplying LNG to our allies in the near-term. Last year, roughly half of U.S. LNG exports went to Europe, and the U.S. has worked with the E.U. to successfully economize consumption and manage its storage to ensure that unprovoked acts of aggression cannot threaten its supply. Furthermore, in 2022, the E.U and U.S. pledged to work toward the goal of ensuring additional LNG volumes for the E.U. market – with the U.S. exceeding our annual delivery targets to the E.U. in each of the past two years. Through existing LNG production and export infrastructure, the U.S. has – and will continue – to deliver for our allies.

The move is almost certainly going to help Russia, so we apparently have found out that climate change activists have more sway than Ukraine does with this White House. 

To justify his move, Biden needed a bogeyman, and of course, as he will for the next ten months, he used Donald Trump as his foil. “While MAGA Republicans willfully deny the urgency of the climate crisis, condemning the American people to a dangerous future, my Administration will not be complacent,” he declared. “We will not cede to special interests. We will heed the calls of young people and frontline communities who are using their voices to demand action from those with the power to act.”

The Daily Caller reported that decisions like this one have been made after the eldlerly president was influenced by climate activists prevalent on Tik Tok. Recently an LNG export terminal, CP2, was shut down by the White House. 

The outlet wrote, “Before deciding to delay approval of the Calcasieu Pass 2 (CP2), key climate advisers and decision-makers in the White House reportedly met with Alex Haraus, a 25-year-old TikTok influencer from Colorado who has organized an online campaign demanding that the administration kill the project, according to the NYT. The White House is expected to formally announce on Friday that it is delaying its review of CP2, a development which could be the administration’s first step toward killing the project and putting numerous other LNG terminal proposals in jeopardy as well.

Climate activists “absolutely will reward or punish him on this decision,” Haraus told the NYT, referencing President Joe Biden and the upcoming presidential election.


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The White House also rewarded Climate Defiance, a disruptive climate activist group that has targeted administration officials and elected Democrats with their protests, a meeting with senior advisor to the President John Podesta in December 2023. At the meeting, Climate Defiance apparently lobbied Podesta directly to kill CP2.”

The decision on LNG is a perfect exemplification of how the White House exporting its decision-making to TikTokers hurts regular Americans while only making the problems it claims to be solving worse. 

Hopefully you’re ready for higher heating bills. Our government by Tik Tok demands it. 

This article originally appeared on New Conservative Post. Used with Permission.

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