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Palestine Terrorists Attack Biden’s New Port

In March, as he hopes to keep his radical, pro-Hamas base, Joe Biden announced that he would be sending American troops into a war zone, commanding them to build a port for Palestine. 

“The main feature of this port is a temporary pier which will provide the capacity for hundreds of additional truckloads of assistance each day, with initial shipments coming via Cyprus with support of the U.S. military and a coalition of partners and allies, said a senior administration official briefing,” according to Voice of America.

Critics of the plan claimed that the president’s move would only embolden Hamas and would serve as an easy target for terrorists intent on killing Americans. 

It took just a month for them to be proven correct.

The Daily Mail reported that Hamas did not even wait for the 72-foot pier to be constructed by American troops before firing on it. 

Militants fired mortars at Israeli forces in Gaza as they prepared for the arrival of a floating U.S. Army pier, American officials said Thursday, an episode that highlights the risks of building a structure for humanitarian aid. 

Maj. Gen. Pat Ryder, Pentagon Press Secretary, said construction began Thursday and work was unaffected by the attack. 

‘When it comes to the temporary pier and the causeway, those are being constructed offshore out at sea and … essentially nowhere near mortar range so that’s not what we’re talking about here,’ he told reporters.

‘You know, we’re aware of reports that a small number of mortars land landed in the vicinity of the marshalling yard area for humanitarian assistance that will eventually be the delivery site that this pier will support.’

UN officials confirmed the attack to the Associated Press. 

The Times of Israel said that “the mortar attack occurred as United Nations officials were touring the site with Israeli troops on the coast of central Gaza, the IDF says in response to a query on the incident.

The IDF says the UN officials were rushed to a shelter by troops amid the attack.

‘The terrorist organizations continue to systematically harm humanitarian efforts while risking the lives of UN workers, while Israel allows the supply of aid to the residents of the Gaza Strip,’ the IDF adds.

The attack marks a shaky start to the construction of the pier, a project that the US is spearheading to surge humanitarian aid into Gaza.”

There were no injuries. 

The attack was the second time in a few days that Hamas thumbed their noses at the United States. 

On Wednesday, Hamas released a propaganda video of Israeli-American Hersh Goldberg-Polin, an American-Israeli hostage taken during the attacks of October 7. It was the first proof that he survived having his arm blown off by a grenade during the assault. 

In the video, Goldberg-Polin attacks Israel for its attacks against Hamas, along with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. 

Red State noted that “there’s no question Goldberg-Polin was forced to read that statement under duress. You can tell by how specific some of the talking points are. For example, how would he know how many other hostages were supposedly killed by airstrikes? How would he know how the ground war in Gaza is going? These are all things Hamas told him to say to push their propaganda.”

“A U.S. official confirmed to CBS News the White House received the video on Mondayand said the White House has been in touch with the Goldberg-Polin family since it was received. The family also received a copy of the video directly, the official said.

The official noted this is the first time Hamas has publicly released a video of a U.S. citizen hostage,” according to CBS News.

When Biden was asked about the video as he boarded Marine One, he did not condemn it. He merely said, “I haven’t [seen it], but I know about it. I haven’t physically seen it.”

This article originally appeared on New Conservative Post. Used with Permission.

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