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Democrats ‘Lose Their Minds’ Over Bill To Support Mothers

Democrats long maintained that they do not support abortion for abortion’s sake, but rather obsessively support the right to end a pregnancy up until birth because some mothers don’t get the support they need. 

That’s why Senator Katie Britt from Alabama joined Marco Rubio to introduce a billcalled The MOMS Act, to “provide critical support to women during typically challenging phases of motherhood – prenatal, postpartum, and early childhood development – and bolster access to resources and assistance to help mothers and their children thrive.”

If they truly meant what they said, you’d think Democrats would jump on board with this bill, but that’s not what happened. Mary Rooke at The Daily Caller writes that Britt’s bill has called a “decades-old liberal bluff,” the one in which they pretend to support mothers rather than merely supporting abortion. 

It’s caused Democrats to lose their minds. 

Britt, along with Republican Sens. Marco Rubio and Kevin Cramer, introduced the More Opportunities for Moms to Succeed (MOMS) Act on May 9, which gives much-needed access to resources and assistance for American mothers. Predictably, Democrats aren’t celebrating the move empowering mothers. Instead, they are pushing stories in far-left publications, like Salon, accusing the move of creating a “database of pregnant women.”

The real reason Democrats are upset with the MOMS Act is that its purpose is to uplift mothers who do not want an abortion. The bill establishes “a federal clearinghouse of resources available to expecting and postpartum moms, as well as those with young children,” through a new website, Pregnancy.gov, according to a fact sheet released by Britt.

“This clearinghouse would increase access to adoption agencies, pregnancy resource centers, and other relevant public and private resources available to pregnant women within their zip code and surrounding areas,” the release states.

“This legislation would establish a grant program for non-profit entities to support, encourage, and assist women in carrying their pregnancies to term; and to care for their babies after birth,” the fact sheet continues. “It would also provide tools for pre-natal and post-natal telehealth appointments by instituting a grant program to purchase necessary medical equipment and technology in rural areas and other medically underserved areas.”

The left has been mocked for its over-the-top rhetoric at the idea of creating programs to help mothers keep their children rather than abort them. 

One outlet fact-checked the most egregious lies: ” A review of the bill text shows that there is no “tracking” involved in this legislation whatsoever, nor is there a database of pregnancies or pregnant women that would be created under the legislation.

In fact, users of Pregnancy.gov would not in any way limited to pregnant women, nor would the disclosure of any personally identifiable information required to use the website or access its database of resources. At no point would information regarding an individual’s pregnancy status even solicited under the provisions of the bill.

Other far-left social media users and blogs have made an additional false claim – that pregnant women would be forced to “register” or would otherwise be added to a “registry” by the government.

Analysis of the bill text shows that no one would have to “register” to view the maternal resources available on Pregnancy.gov., nor would there be any kind of registry created that distinguishes or identifies pregnant women. Through the website, anyone could view the relevant resources in a given locale without disclosing any personally identifiable information to the government. Providing contact information would be voluntary and only if a website user desired personal follow-up outreach from HHS. And, even if a user did opt in for that follow-up contact, there is no requirement that they actually disclose valid personal identifiable information if they do not want to. It’s clear that users could remain totally anonymous throughout the process (both using the website and the optional follow-up) if they desired.

Democratic National Committee Chairman Jaime Harrison’s involvement in this propaganda campaign against the MOMS Act indicates this is a concerted partisan effort by the DNC.”

In their reaction to a common sense bill to help pregnant women, Democrats have revealed a sick willingness to make abortion, rather than helping people, the centerpiece of their 2024 campaigns, even though the issue sits near the bottom of what the American people want. 

This article originally appeared on New Conservative Post. Used with Permission.

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