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Hollywood Star Slugged In Face During Random Attack

Over the past few years, New York City has faced a massive surge in violent crime. Things have gotten so bad on the city’s subway system that in March, the New York Governor Kathy Hochul announced a plan to “send the National Guard to the New York City subway system to help police conduct random searches of riders’ bags for weapons following a series of high-profile crimes on city trains.

Hochul, a Democrat, said she will deploy 750 members of the National Guard to the subways to assist the New York Police Department with bag checks at entrances to busy train stations.

“For people who are thinking about bringing a gun or knife on the subway, at least this creates a deterrent effect. They might be thinking, ‘You know what, it just may just not be worth it because I listened to the mayor and I listened to the governor and they have a lot more people who are going to be checking my bags,’ Hochul said at a news conference in New York City.”

It looks like the subway isn’t the only place you might be randomly attacked, however. A beloved actor was recently attacked in broad daylight while he was minding his own business, sparking outrage, both in New York and across the country. 

Steve Buscemi, 66, was in Kips Bay on Wednesday when a stranger came up and walloped the actor across the face, that’s according to two NYPD sources. They said Buscemi had been leaning up against a wall around 12 p.m., texting on his phone, at the time of the attack.

Medics responded to 3rd Avenue and East 28th Street, where they picked up Buscemi and took him to Bellevue Hospital. Police said the actor was treated for bruising, swelling, and bleeding to his left eye.

The attacker has not yet been identified, but the NYPD released surveillance images of the alleged suspect in hopes of tracking him down.

“Steve Buscemi was assaulted in Mid-Town Manhattan, another victim of a random act of violence in the city,” the actor’s publicist said in a statement to NBC News. “He is ok and appreciates everyone’s well wishes, though incredibly sad for everyone that this has happened to while also walking the streets of NY.”

Police told The New York Post that the random attack happened around 11:48 a.m. Wednesday in front of 369 Third Ave.

“I saw he was with a woman, and then through the corner of the window I saw him trip and fall backwards,” a worker in the area who witnessed part of the assault told The Post. “He right away got up and ran in the opposite direction. I didn’t see who hit him.

“It worries me for when we close because we close at 11 and it can get scary around that time,” said the woman, who asked to be identified only as Nat. 

Buscemi is one of the more beloved actors in the United States. Buscemi first gained recognition for his performances in iconic films like “Fargo,” “The Big Lebowski,” and “Reservoir Dogs,” as well as his recent stint in the TV series “Miracle Workers.” His latest appearance on screen was in the concluding season of “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” which wrapped up its twelve-season journey in April.

The actor is iconic in New York City for his service to the public. Prior to his successful acting career, Buscemi served as a New York City firefighter with Engine Company 55 in Manhattan’s Little Italy, a fact not widely known by many.

Following the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center, Buscemi immediately returned to his former role as a firefighter, joining his old unit to aid in the rescue and recovery efforts at Ground Zero. Despite his fame and recognition in the entertainment industry, Buscemi’s dedication to serving his community remained steadfast.

During the chaotic aftermath of the attacks, Buscemi worked tirelessly alongside his fellow firefighters, digging through the rubble, searching for survivors, and assisting in any way he could. His actions exemplified bravery and solidarity in the face of tragedy, reflecting the spirit of resilience that emerged from the devastation of 9/11.

The NYPD said that Buscemi’s assailant remains at large. 

This article originally appeared on New Conservative Post. Used with Permission.

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