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World Leaders Have To Grab Joe Biden As He Wanders Off

Every day that the president has to do public appearances during his trip overseas is another day that The Wall Street Journal report revealing he is “slipping” and often loses his train of thought looks accurate.

Die hard defenders of the president‘s cognitive state who argue that, behind closed doors at least, Joe Biden is sharp as a tack look have continued to ask: who do you believe? Me or your lying eyes?

At some point, our eyes are going to get tired.

The Daily Caller described yet another strange, unsettling scene. This time, it included other world leaders who needed to corral the confused president as he ambled away from the group.

As the rest of the G7 world leaders applauded the landing of a parachute demonstrator, a distracted Biden meandered off towards someone who was packing a parachute bag.

The rest of the leaders, including France’s Emmanuel Macron and the United Kingdom’s Rishi Sunak, quickly turned their attention away from the parachuter and towards an ambling Biden who was giving a thumbs up to a red beret who wasn’t paying attention to him.

Biden, now with his back completely turned to the rest of the leaders, stood and watched the red beret, prompting Meloni to gently grab him and turn his attention back to the parachuters.

Biden then stood, mouth open, and slowly put on his sunglasses as he stared at the demonstration with the rest of the leaders. Sunak and Japanese Prime Minister Kishida Fumio then congregate around Biden for a photo op.

The president couldn’t have had worse timing. While he was meeting in Europe, his campaign launched a national ad campaign arguing that world leaders laughed at Trump, but won’t laugh at Biden.

This is, true in one way. World leaders aren’t laughing at Joe Biden. They’re appear more concerned for him, as several social media user pointed out.

The meetings have been smooth for Biden, who has a soft spot for Ukraine for curious reasons.

While attending the G7 meeting, Biden and Volodymyr Zelensky signed a 10-year bilateral security agreement that will keep the United States involved in Eastern Europe for the next decade, regardless of whether or not Zelensky decides ever to hold an election again.

“The deal aims to commit future U.S. administrations to support Ukraine, even if former president Donald Trump wins November’s election, officials said. It will be a framework for a long-term effort by the United States to help develop Ukraine’s armed forces, which have innovated on drone warfare and other cutting-edge techniques in the fight against Russia, but are also desperately outgunned and in need of modern weapons,” according to The Washington Post.

This article originally appeared on New Conservative Post. Used with Permission.

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