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Moderate Republicans Played For Fools…Again

Republicans in the House who joined “moderate” Democrats in the House to form the “Problem Solvers Caucus” are now coming to grips with the fact that moderate Democrats do not really exist. They will always side with their own when their actions can hurt Republicans, even when the result may not be good for the country.

After being bashed on the head over and over again by their “Democratic moderate allies,” Republicans in the caucus finally realized they were merely useful idiots when Democrats stood united to join Matt Gaetz and a handful of House GOPers to ouster the sitting Speaker of the House.   

A liberal will always be a liberal first.

GOP members in the group are furious at their Democratic colleagues who voted to remove McCarthy. The Republicans say he was punished for “doing the right thing” after advancing a stopgap funding bill on a bipartisan basis, writes Axios.

Frustrated members said that Democrats in the group, which is aimed at finding bipartisan solutions, sparked chaos for political gain despite many Republicans in the group having faced primaries for crossing the aisle and taking difficult votes.

A draft letter obtained by Axios took aim at Democrats for siding with “Gaetz and a single digit number of chaos agents in the Republican Conference.”

“It is unfortunate, for America and the institution of Congress, that Democrats in PSC chose not to risk the smallest amount of political capital or show the minimal courage necessary to merely vote against the Motion to Vacate. Instead, they voted for the chaos and now hope to benefit politically from it,” the draft memo said.

Some moderate Democrats previously indicated a willingness to save McCarthy amid conservative Rep. Matt Gaetz’s (R-Fla.) threats to file a motion to remove him over passing a shirt-term funding bill, but ultimately opted to side with Democratic leadership’s decision to let the California Republican fail.

Ed Morrissey at Hot Air summed up the Republican “Problem Solvers” for what they are: naive fools. “House Republicans partnered with Democrats to form the “Problem Solvers Caucus” (PSC) in January 2017, as a counter to the supposedly extreme-MAGA agenda of Donald Trump. For the most part, the Problem Solvers offered nothing much but cheap virtue-signaling by its members over the last six-plus years. The conceit played well in the competitive districts its members represented, but the caucus has never produced any successful legislation. It exists to fluff itself and to vaguely scold everyone else on the benefits of bipartisanship and defense of institutions.

And Democrats kept scolding on that point, right up until the point that every last PSC Democrat voted to oust a sitting Speaker for partisan purposes. Suddenly, the Republicans in the caucus are shocked, shocked — no, wait, wrong analogy — are surprised to find out that the scorpion they’ve carried on their backs acts like a scorpion.

Under other circumstances, this would be hilarious. What exactly did these geniuses think would happen, especially after six years of posing without a single substantive accomplishment? The PSC was nothing more than a PR move by savvy Democrats intended to split the Republican caucus, paint the rest of the GOP as “extreme MAGA” by comparison, and if possible slow down or stop progress on the GOP’s agenda. During the Biden era, the PSC did little or nothing to restrain the sharp left turn taken by Joe Biden.

Now that they’ve been stung, the frogs of the House GOP might learn a lesson about ad hoc ‘bipartisan’ caucuses and ‘gangs.’ Since they didn’t learn the lesson from the 2005 Gang of 15 and Harry Reid’s scorpion sting in 2013, though, I’d guess that the same group of naifs end up falling for the same gag, probably sooner rather than later.”

Hopefully, next time there’s a fight, these Republicans will actually join with their own side and force Democrats to work with everyone in the GOP, even if it means being scolded by the media. But you probably shouldn’t hold your breath. 

This article originally appeared on New Conservative Post. Used with Permission.

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